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3 ways to change your Windows 10 product key

Have you already activated Windows 10 (for ex. using a generic key) and you want to change it to something else (ex. authentic key). It's actually easier than you may think -there are a couple of ways to do it. Difficulty level: Easy

How to refresh Windows 10

Windows has never run out of flaws, in the same manner, it never stops improving its troubleshooting options for users. The refresh and reset options are added to Windows as an essential part of troubleshooting the operating system.

How to create a restore point in Windows 10

Restore points have been a part of Windows for a while now but not many people actually use them. Restore points are snapshots of your system that can be used to restore it to that point in time should anything happen. If you like

How to use Windows 10 as a Wi-Fi hotspot

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi router but want to connect wireless devices to the internet, you can use your computer. The feature has been around for a while but doesn’t get the attention it deserves. While not a primary function of Windows,

Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 10

Windows 10 continues the habit of regular updates to improve security, add features and fix bugs. All good things wrapped up in a very annoying bundle I’m sure you’ll agree. If you have used Windows for any length of time, you can’t help

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