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Test faulty RAM for errors with MemTest86+

MemTest86+ is one of the most reliable RAM testing apps out there. However, it isn’t foolproof until you undergo multiple tests to prove conclusively that your RAM module is faulty, or not. If you think you may have faulty memory, here’s…

4 Methods to boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode

When we cannot troubleshoot Windows problems in a normal state, booting into Safe Mode is the alternative solution. Safe Mode has been around almost as long as Windows itself. In Safe Mode, Windows uses only a limited set of programs and…

Find out when your computer was last used

Want to know if your computer was used while you were away? Do you have an important file or folder missing, or have you notice a change in Windows settings?  Do you want to find who was there on your computer or due to any other reason? If…

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