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Newest feature in Instagram allows you to bookmark posts

Have you liked a post on Instagram that you would like to save for later viewing? You couldn’t do that before but all that changes now. Instagram last Wednesday announced their newest feature that allows users to save posts.

Finally, Instagram has given you the freedom to bookmark posts you’ve loved and that works on all posts you see on Instagram, not just yours. It’s a long-time wish for Instagram users, especially those who took screenshots of their favorite meal or photos of their crush (awkward right?).

Take a look here a pair of screenshots from Instagram what the new Bookmark feature looks like:

The bookmark feature is very simple to use. Users will see a new bookmark icon below the posts in their feed. You just need to tap on the bookmark icon to save the post to a new tab in your own profile and you shouldn’t worry, it’s totally private. No one can be able to see or access the posts you have saved except you.

But take note that these are bookmarks, which means if a user removes something it will automatically disappear on your bookmarks tab. However, the good thing is — you don’t have to worry about the memory space on your phone.

The bookmark feature is available for Android, iOS and even Windows 10 as part of Instagram version 10.2.

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