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MacBook Pro parody ad makes fun of Apple’s choices

After Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro last week, the internet again is in a war over the laptop’s specs, left a lot of people wishing for more than what they’re getting.

MacBook Pro’s major weak points include a 16 GB RAM max cap, a low-end processor, low-quality 720p front-facing camera and the Touch Bar, that some users normally don’t use (e.g. power users). Apple also decided to remove most ports from the unit and replaced them by future-proof USB-C. Even though it’s a smart decision in the long run, users today will have to use a bunch of dongles for their accessories to make it work properly.

Luckily there’s no better way to deal with a letdown than to make fun of it — and that’s exactly what YouTuber Iggyhopper2 has done. By grabbing an ad from the Google Pixel and turning it on its head, the mock commercial takes a terrific jab at Apple’s.

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