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On losing iPhone 7 headphone adapter: ‘Uncourage’ won’t let you down

Two months had passed since Apple courageously launched its headphone-jack-less iPhone 7 smartphone. Even though it included a headphone-to-Lightning adapter for wired iPhone 7 headphones, a lot of users complaining that it’s easy to lose. Others lost it too many times and until someone had the courage to make a simple solution for this annoying problem.

Goodbye jack, Meet the ‘Uncourage’

Thankfully this simple accessory for your expensive Apple gadget is called Uncourage, it’s so cheap that you’ll never have to worry about losing your adapter again. By attaching it on the $6.00 keychain, it’ll always be right by your side.

The Uncourage is simply a non-functional silver-colored 3.5-millimeter jack. It seems to better solution than just annoyingly leaving your dongle attached from the end of your phone.

Accept the fact that headphone jack is gone — maybe forever. But at least this keychain still gives hope for wired headphone fans. Better have this accessory than to shell out $10 for a replacement dongle to avoid losing your dongle again.

The Uncourage is available online now for $6, cost you an additional $2 shipping fee if you don’t live in Canada (compared to extra adapters from Apple for $9).

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