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Kickstarter Piqapoo launched to solve the dog poop problem

The shitty part about owning a dog is you have dog poop to deal with – cleaning it up. No one likes to physically transfer poop into a plastic bag. Some owners are so repulsed by the entire process that they prefer to skip it entirely, leaving the poop exactly where it is.

Piqapoo: The answer to dog poop problem

Piqapoo wants to solve this problem entirely. The product consists of a small bag attached to a soft clip that is strapped onto a dog’s tail. When your favorite dog has to do its business, all the poop falls directly into the bag. Dog owners then click a button to remove the bag from its clip and dispose of it directly, without coming into contact with any unsanitary things.

Piqapoo project was initially planned by Re’em Hazan years ago.Hazan is also a dog owner who raised 11 dogs at a time – and struggled with proper solutions for waste disposal. It was patented in 2013, but it took the founders almost three years and made several prototypes before they were able to make a final version.

“Piqapoo has been beta-tested with more than 100 dogs of different breeds and sizes. It’s 100 percent safe and comfortable for the dogs to wear,” says Gideon Hazan, CEO.

“Veterinarians and dog trainers have been involved throughout the development and testing stages.”

“Once your dog gets used to Piqapoo, it’s as if he had been using it his entire life,” asserts Gideon.

Piqapoo’s Kickstarter launched this November and it’s already blown past its modest funding target of US$15,000, with estimated delivery by March 2017.

“A common piece of feedback we get from users is that their dogs wag their tales in happiness if they see their owners taking out the Piqapoo. They know that soon they will get to walk outside!” laughs Gideon.


As of this writing, there are 104 backers already, a total of $18,428 amount pledged and 57 days left to support this project.

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