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Install Windows 10 apps outside the Windows Store

Microsoft doesn’t allow you to install Windows 10 apps outside the Windows Store. However, there is a feature called “sideload”, which allows installing and running any non-certified application in Windows device.

Software developers are the ones who most likely do sideloading in such a way they could test their app before submitting it to the Windows Store. Others are just ordinary users who want to download their favorite apps from other sources.

Difficulty level: Easy

Install Windows 10 apps outside the Windows Store

Here’s how to install non-Store apps in Windows 10.

  1. Click the Windows Start button and Click on Settings.
  2. Next, click on Update & security.
  3. Then click on For developers.
  4. Under “Use developer features,” choose the Sideload apps option.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the risks involved running an app outside the Windows Store.
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Once you have restarted your computer, you can install applications regardless of whether they are in Windows Store or are from other sources.

Risk of sideloading apps

Microsoft doesn’t recommend you to download apps outside its Windows Store as it may not have tested the compatibility of these apps. More so it involves a lot of security risks that could make your Windows 10 vulnerable to hacking and virus infection. Therefore, before sideloading of app works, Microsoft sends a warning message (see figure above).

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