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How to customize lock screen background in Windows 10

The lock screen in Windows 10 is more than a stylish display in your laptops and desktops. It’s the first item that welcomes you when you open up Windows 10. It can show quick app status, alarms, calendar entries and more. You can personalize it to your liking.

The most favorite thing to do here is changing the background image, so here’s how to change your lock screen background in Windows 10.

Difficulty level: easy

Customize lock screen background in Windows 10

Changing the lock screen background is similar to changing desktop backgrounds.

  1. Go to Settings and Personalization.
  2. Click or tap Lock screen in the left pane.
  3. Select Background in the right pane and choose your option.
  4. Select the image(s) you want to show.

Extra feature: Add an app to Windows 10 lock screen background

It’s easy to add an app you want to display.

  1. Go to Settings and Personalization if you closed the window.
  2. Choose Lock screen in the left pane.
  3. Choose the icon under ‘Choose an app to show detailed status’. A list should appear showing the apps you have installed.
  4. Choose an icon under ‘Choose apps to show quick status’ for some extra app action on the same screen.

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