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Apple’s Christmas ad video inspires people with hidden talent


Apple once again inspires many fans by their yearly tradition, that is through a Christmas ad. This year’s theme which carries the message “Share Your Gifts”, focuses on the moral lesson of expressing your hidden talents.

The ad looks different this time, they meticulously made it through a combination of detailed miniature set and digital animation which feels more like you’re watching a Disney Pixar short film. This almost 3-minute long video much looks like a fairy tale story but is deeply rooted in today’s modern culture.

The inspiring story shows a freckled young girl named Sofia who spends her free time at her MacBook. The girl appears to have a creative talent, unfortunately, she’s afraid and reluctant to share her creations. Until her dog lets all of her creations go and everyone around her is reading and enjoying her creativity.

Certainly, this inspiring ad invokes those heartwarming holiday feelings. Billie Elish, a 16-year old American songwriter recorded the song “Come Out in Play” specifically for this ad. It is one of the longest commercials the company has made.

The Making of “Share Your Gifts”

Watch the behind-the-scenes video showing how the advertisement came together below.

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Image credit: Apple

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