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Advanced Renamer 3.85

Advanced Renamer screenshot

Advanced Renamer supports batch renaming multiple files and folders easily and quickly by applying various methods by this functional and user-friendly application.

Feature Highlights

  • Undo functionality
  • Real-time preview of file rename
  • MP3/ID3 renaming
  • Image renaming with EXIF support
  • Thumbnail view
  • Supports both files and folders
  • Several renaming methods
  • Use multiple methods at once
  • Tag rename

Full Specifications

Product Information
Version 3.85
Date released July 11, 2019
Date updated July 23, 2019
Developer Kim Jensen / Hulubulu Software
Download Information
Filename / Filesize advanced_renamer_setup.exe (installer) / 12.39 MB (portable) / 14.98 MB
License model Free, Commercial (trial) – $30.00
Multilingual Yes
Main category System
Subcategory File Management
System Requirements
Operating systems Windows XP (32-bit) Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
Social Media Links
Facebook none
Twitter none
YouTube none

Advanced Renamer full changelog

Advanced Renamer 3.84 – Oct. 8, 2018

  • + Script method: Javascript console for better debugging
  • + Added checkbox in settings window: Don’t show summary before renaming
  • * TV Show import guide: Skip welcome page checkbox
  • * Pair renaming option in main view. Removed from settings window
  • + New tags for embedded video date and time: <Video Date Year>, <Video Date Month>, <Video Date Day>, <Video Date Hour>, <Video Date Min>, <Video Date Sec></li>
  • + Support for HEIC image format used on iPhones
  • + Option in settings: Always use ExifTool to retrieving metadata for images

Advanced Renamer 3.83 – Aug. 20, 2018

  • + Import CSV data for use with the new tag
  • + support for negative numbers to insert folder name in opposite order
  • + New option to enable or disable sorting of files when adding with drag and drop. Default: Sort
  • + File list: Right click popup: Sort by pattern for sorting based on tag value
  • + Choose file encoding when importing CSV
  • * Fixed text bug in progress window
  • + Added Indonesian translation

Advanced Renamer 3.82 – Apr. 03, 2018

  • * Pair renaming active by default on new installations
  • * Pair renaming will now prioritize media files when dertmining the master file in a pair
  • * TV show import didn’t handle file pairs well
  • * Default setting for “Add files when batch ends” changed from None to Ask
  • * Fixed not visible Apply To box in List and Replace List method when running display in 200% scaling
  • * Performance optimization when adding files, detecting file pairs, and running batches
  • * Performance of detecting name collisions improved dramatically
  • * Fixed bug when using image tags for non images
  • * Pre batch window now shows the number of methods that will be used
  • + Added Bulgarian translation

Advanced Renamer 3.81 – Feb. 13, 2018

  • * CSV Import: Default Apply To fields to name and extension instead of just name
  • * CSV Import: Program will remember field values when window is closed
  • * CSV Import: Changed to use UTF-8 encoding
  • * Renumber method: Fixed renumbering relative numbers when the number is very long
  • * When using media tags like Img or Video for folders the program will now use the properties of the first file in the folder
  • * Load list now supports UTF-8
  • * New case method did not support UTF-8 in the pattern match modes
  • * Fixed zeropadding and value when working with file pairs

Advanced Renamer 3.80 – 17. oct. 2017

  • Improved integration with ExifTool
  • Optimized performance when testing new file names
  • Option for not analyzing media files (program settings window)

Advanced Renamer 3.79 – 06. sep. 2017

  • Folder panel will no longer show zip files as folders
  • When adding both root and sub folders, the root folders will be added last instead of first
  • Files are no longer sorted alphabetically when dragged from Windows Explorer
  • Add files not matching a regular expression
  • Added option in settings to move the Start Button to the left
  • Ukranian translation

Advanced Renamer 3.78 – 20. aug. 2017

  • Better support for high DPI monitors
  • Various user interface changes
  • Check/Uncheck all on method list right click popup
  • Delete old undo jobs
  • Larger present methods drop down
  • Fixed status bar some times showing “Got errors” when no errors were found
  • Updated regular expressions engine
  • Fixed wrong thumbnail size in list

Advanced Renamer 3.77 – 17. apr. 2017

  • Rename file pairs with the same new filename
  • Make text blue for items with name override (F2 key)
  • Improved error message for error code 101
  • Deleted presets were not removed from the presets drop down
  • Allow main menu to wrap into two lines when window is too small
  • Updated language files

Advanced Renamer 3.76 – 26. mar. 2017

  • Override new filename (F2 key)
  • Hitting enter key will now open the file. Hitting ctrl + enter will open the folder of the file
  • Added tag
  • Don’t analyze video files unless video tags are used
  • New Name method will remember last used page
  • Shift+F10 did not open file list popup menu

Advanced Renamer 3.75 – 7. mar. 2017

  • GPS Tag override window
  • Write EXIF Metadata
  • New tag: for random text strings
  • Fixed timestamp method reading filename pattern when pattern contains ( or )

Advanced Renamer 3.74 – 21. feb. 2017

  • Added search edit box to the ExifTool window
  • Larger preview image in file info box when selecting image files in the list
  • Fixed TV shows with characters not legal for filenames like * or ?
  • Fixed FileInfo box not using last resized height
  • Fixed reading DPI from image files, namely TIFF files

Advanced Renamer 3.73 – 21. aug. 2016

  • New method: List Replace. Replace multiple phrases in a single method
  • TV Show Import: Added Select All/Select None buttons for seasons and episodes checklist box

Advanced Renamer 3.72 – 27. mar. 2016

  • New tag for image resolution in dots per inch:
  • New tags for image width and height in inches, cm and mm: , , , , ,
  • CSV Import now also work with folder rename
  • Link for tag documentation in the insert tag frame
  • Fix name collision bug when using incrementing number. Fallback to old logic

Advanced Renamer 3.71 – 19. feb. 2016

  • New name collision rule: Ignore. Will ignore batch on single file is target already exists
  • Batch mode and output folder values are not saved in batch method list files. This makes these values optional for command line runner (arenc.exe)
  • Fixed CSV Import: Would get the order of new names wrong when one or more files were missing

Advanced Renamer 3.70 – 1. jan. 2016

  • Fixed ExifTool bug. Sometimes values were shifted when assigned to items in the list resulting in wrong values for some items
  • Fixed “Invalid floating point” error when sorting on column Date Taken when column contains blank values
  • Updated translations

Advanced Renamer 3.69 – 6. dec. 2015

  • Fixed: TV Show import: When multiple hits from search query, only the first hit were shown
  • Shortcut for opening the TV Show import guide

Advanced Renamer 3.68 – 1. nov. 2015

  • New tags: , , and
  • Romanian translation
  • Korean translation
  • Catalan translation
  • Uses TVMaze instead of TVRage for TV Show information import
  • Fixed: Calculation of file size only supported sizes up to 2 GB
  • FileInfoBox: Don’t load images if more than 30MB (it was too slow)
  • Reimplemented parts of the ExifTool integration. Hopefully it will become more stable
  • Fixed: Update was not showing when changing created timestamp of folders

Advanced Renamer 3.67 – 19. may. 2015

  • Fixed Timestamp and Attributes method changed files even if they were not checked in the list

Advanced Renamer 3.66 – 6. may. 2015

  • Add files using regular expressions pattern
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed bug in natural numeric sort

Advanced Renamer 3.65 – 30. nov. 2014

  • ExifTool tags will automatically replace unsupported characters
  • Fixed tag when searching for the last word in a filename
  • Name collision rules will now also apply to collision on existing files
  • File list popup: Added “Open Containing Folder”
  • Explorer Context menu fixed on 64 bit windows

Advanced Renamer 3.64 – 26. mar. 2014

  • Fixed reading some corrupted ExifData from JPEGs taken with Samsung mobile phones
  • Day tag textual result with and
  • Item list limit can now be changed in the settings window
  • Mark items not matching pattern right click options
  • Fixed explorer context menu for 64 bit Windows 8 systems

Advanced Renamer 3.62 – 20. jan. 2014

  • Fixed: and tags were only working properly for the first file in the list

Advanced Renamer 3.61 – 12. jan. 2014

  • Command line configuration dialog
  • New list popup menu item: Inverse marks in list
  • New list popup menu item: Select all, select none, inverse selection
  • New tag: for reading line in file
  • New tag: for decrementing number
  • Improved performance for tag
  • Arabic Translation

Advanced Renamer 3.60 – 08. sep. 2013

  • Added new tags , , , for adding audio playtime to filename
  • Added new tags , , for adding video playtime to filename ( already existed)
  • Fixed mask search when adding files matching a mask

Advanced Renamer 3.59 – 18. aug. 2013

  • Fixed bug when changing case of unicode characters
  • Fixed error message when reading timestamp from file filename. Message is now displayed in the grid instead of crashing the batch process.
  • Added and tags
  • “Need help getting startet” button on Folders tab did not follow the checkbox in settings
  • Insert tag window showed regular expression help line for \D twice
  • It was not possible to delete column sets due to an error
  • .webm files are now recognized as video file
  • Setting “Use zero padding in inc nr tags” now also affects ID3 Track Tags
  • Display hints for all tags accepting parameters
  • Date/Time based tags now all take and extra parameter for controlling zero padding, ex or and or

Advanced Renamer 3.58 – 26. june 2013

  • Fixed bug in FileContent tag when using specific filename.
  • Changed Load/Save presets icons
  • Scripting: Default script changed
  • Mark/Unmark by pattern, making checkboxes selected/unselected when matching pattern
  • Added minimum width to renaming result box
  • New tags: and for incrementing hexidecimal and roman numerals

Advanced Renamer 3.57 – 02. may 2013

  • Fixed analyze image bug. Images with upper case extension were not analyzed
  • Added TVShow Episode Sequence number tag. An episode number representing the number in the series not in the season

Advanced Renamer 3.56 – 07. april 2013

  • Optimized scripting speed and memory use
  • Won’t analyze files for image data until actually needed. Will improve performance of adding files
  • Fixed bug where name collision rule wasn’t showing on low screen resolutions
  • Fixed display of ampersand in method descriptions
  • Trim non-numeric values from ID3 track numbers
  • Improved use of ExifTool when working with many files

Advanced Renamer 3.55 – 26. feb 2013

  • TV Show population based on data from
  • New TV Show tags: , , , , , , , ,
  • Up/down arrows to change visible tag group in New Name method and Insert Tag window
  • CSV import functionality
  • New Swap Method
  • Two new configuration options for JS Script: Tab Indent Size and Scroll Past EOL
  • Status bar total number of items now shows how many items are checked

Advanced Renamer 3.54 – 06. dec. 2012

  • Command line automation: Mask parameter is no longer case sensitive
  • Command line automation: Fixed command line output
  • File content tag now fixed to use UTF8 text encoding
  • Fixed problems when saving script files containing “; text sequence
  • Fixed bug when changing modified timestamp based on dirname pattern

Advanced Renamer 3.53 – 27. sep. 2012

  • New checksum tags: , , and
  • ApplyTo dropdown in scripting method
  • Scripting: Date/Time values of the “item” parameter are now exposed as proper JSDates
  • Sorting in console runner with -o switch
  • Fixed load previous path bug in folder panel

Advanced Renamer 3.52 – 31. aug. 2012

  • Scripting: Fixed app.parseTags() methods. Did not accept upper case and spaces in tags
  • Scripting: Changed app.parseTags() to only accept one parameter: the tag
  • Scripting: Auto proposal is no longer case sensitive
  • Scripting: Changed autoproposal to display top level objects (app and item) when no word at cursor
  • Fixed Replace Method and Remove Pattern Method: Case sensitive checkbox worked in reverse
  • Slovenian translation
  • Default width of method panel is now wider
  • Fixed daylight savings miscalculation when reading file times

Advanced Renamer 3.51 – 24. aug. 2012

  • Fixed copy and move mode
  • Fixed the use of the setting “Show help getting started”
  • Fixed miscalculation in RSubStr tag and use of backwards pattern search in methods

Advanced Renamer 3.5 – 20. aug 2012

  • Unicode support
  • Support for JPEG 2000
  • Support for reading EXIF and image dimensions from stereo MPO and JPS images
  • Reintroduced up/down buttons for numeric edit boxes
  • Fixed file size decimal point bug
  • Created Date and Modified Date based tags is now using modified value if used with Timestamp method
  • Support for using more than one Timestamp method
  • Changed compiler and various libraries
  • New method: Script. Can perform advanced actions based on custom JavaScript code.
  • Active/Inactive checkboxes on methods
  • Integration with the ExifTool executable. Window for displaying ExifTool information and a new tag:
  • Added two new command line options: -msk and -r for only performing batch on items matching a specific mask or regular expression
  • List method now persists content of new names text field when saved
  • Fixed access violation bug in Add Directory window
  • Japanese translation
  • Explorer right click context menu for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows
  • Folder panel for easy access to adding files and folders (optional)
  • New icons in the user interface
  • Auto test button is now always pressed when program is started
  • Occurence value added to Replace method
  • If opening aren.exe with files as parameters and the first is a .aren file, the rest will no longer get ignored
  • Batch move and batch copy no longer requires renaming methods
  • Option for turning off wildcards (*) in replace method has been removed

Advanced Renamer 3.24 build 2 – 30. apr. 2012

  • Slovak translation

Advanced Renamer 3.24 – 15. mar. 2012

  • Greek translation
  • Made Advanced Renamer more tolerant towards jpg files with malformed exif data
  • Extension change warnings does no longer occour on folders
  • Fixed odd behavior in recent preset combobox
  • Fixed cancel button in loading thumbnails progress window

Advanced Renamer 3.23 – 06. mar. 2012

  • GPS Improvements
  • New tags: ,
  • GPS Accuracy in File information box (if present in selected image file)

Advanced Renamer 3.22 – 12. feb. 2012

  • Settings: Add Advanced Renamer program path to Environment Path. For use with the arenc.exe console runner
  • Console runner: Added switch (-s) for performing batch on items in subfolders
  • Put descriptions in the title area of methods
  • Handle negative numbers option added to renumbering method in relative number mode
  • List method will no longer produce an error for all the lines when one of the lines contains an invalid tag
  • Clean up of handling extension rename

Advanced Renamer 3.21 – 31. jan. 2012

  • French translation
  • Will now only check for updates once a day
  • Fixed: Timestamp method did not consider second value in delta mode
  • Fixed: Timestamp method did not load settings from file correctly

Advanced Renamer 3.20 – 17. jan. 2012

  • Command line automation
  • Video tags: , , , , , , , ,
  • Video tags on information pane
  • More EXIF image tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
  • GPS Tags for geotagged pictures , , , , , , , ,
  • Tags for City, Country, and State based on GPS Coordinates
  • New method: Trim
  • New method: Renumber
  • Apply to option added to the New Name Method. ApplyTo Name is now the default
  • Randomize Sorting menu item in file list right click menu
  • Option for default action when batch is finished can be set up in the Settings window
  • Show GPS location and link to google maps when GPS data is available in image file
  • Populate list on the List Method now only add the part of the name represented by the ApplyTo drop down box
  • Filename showing in the caption of item information box
  • Name Collision Rule now saved when saving method list
  • Default column widths changed
  • More default method list presets
  • When using a relative path in move or copy mode the absolute path is calculated based on the existing path
  • Setting for hiding Add Method Button Bar
  • Will show a better error message when trying to move folders to a different drive
  • Fixed: Name collision rule, Append Pattern, didn’t support spaces and uppercase characters
  • Fixed: Some tag categories were missing in Insert Tag Frame when using a different language than English
  • Fixed: Did not resolve all tags when using replace method with regular expressions
  • Fixed: Bug when using invalid tags in replace method
  • Fixed: Tag buttons did not always behave as expected
  • French and Dutch translation removed due to low coverage

Advanced Renamer 3.15 – 29. oct. 2011

  • Chinese translation
  • File size tags
  • Tags can now be expressed with or without spaces: and yields same result

Advanced Renamer 3.14 – 06. oct. 2011

  • Fixed not being able to load preset files containing the Remove Pattern method

Advanced Renamer 3.13 – 25. sep 2011

  • New method: Remove pattern
  • Apply to option added to the List Method
  • After rename a box in the lower right corner will show results and have buttons for re-adding items
  • Option “Auto close progress dialog” removed. Will always auto close from now on.
  • Preset button available next to folder text box in copy and move mode
  • Columns for New filename, New path, New attributes, and New timestamps will become gray when there is no changes to the value represented by the column
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation

Advanced Renamer 3.12 – 14. aug. 2011

  • Dirname tag now has an optional index parameter for c:\A\B\C\file.txt will yield B
  • Name collision rules now apply to all duplicates. Previous the rule was not applied to the first entry in a duplication set
  • Renaming sequences like 003, 004, 005 to 001, 002, 003 would fail in previous version
  • Add method button now opens popup instead of a new window

Advanced Renamer 3.11 – 19. july 2011

  • New Folder button added to select folder dialog for batch modes copy and move
  • Fixed incompatibility issues with Windows XP

Advanced Renamer – 9. july. 2011

  • Fixed issue when upgrading from 2.x to 3.10

Advanced Renamer 3.10 – 8. july. 2011

  • The EXIF value for image date and time can be changed in the settings window. Possible values are date taken, date digitized, and date original
  • New setting: Option for not letting unchecked items affect the numbering of Inc Nr tags
  • New tag: Word. For selecting an indexed word
  • New tag: Img Subsec. Exif value sometimes present when shooting bursts
  • New Case method: Upper case by pattern and lower case by pattern, with regular expressions support
  • Files with the .aren extension containing configuration can be opened with Advanced Renamer
  • .aren files are associated with Advanced Renamer
  • Name collision rule: New rule: Append image sub second
  • Name collision rule: New rule: Append pattern
  • Name collision rule: Separator can be customized
  • Name collision rule: Moved from settings window to main window
  • Insert tag window updated with more advanced functionality and help for regular expressions ue
  • Move, Add, Remove method: Can now also take search strings and regular expressions as input values
  • Method Presets are now saved in individual files. Users can save them in a preferred location
  • Method captions no longer show a configuration description. With more and more advanced ways of configurating methods the descriptions gets long, complicated, and unreadable
  • Fixed: List Method: New Names column did not properly refresh when the Load List or Populate List buttons were used
  • Fixed: When a name collision rule resultet in another collision an error would not be raised
  • Various tweaks, changes and fixes

Advanced Renamer 3.05 – 19. apr. 2011

  • Fixed issues with RSubStr tag
  • Fixed problem with renaming image files without Exif information

Advanced Renamer 3.04 – 6. apr. 2011

  • Fixed bug when reading numeric values from method files
  • RSubStr now behaves a little bit different when count value is larger than the length of the filename
  • Remove method did not remove anything when start index was larger then the length of the filename in backwards mode

Advanced Renamer 3.03 – 4. apr. 2011

  • Fixed bug when working with folders

Advanced Renamer 3.02 – 3. apr. 2011

  • Fixed error in wild card replace
  • Updated Finish translation

Advanced Renamer 3.01 – 14. mar. 2011

  • Fixed wrong result when using move method in backwards mode
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks
  • Fixed a character case bug in Add Method

Advanced Renamer 3.0 – 5. mar. 2011

  • New batch modes: Copy and move
  • Selective rename
  • Set file timestamps from pattern in filename or directory name
  • Context menu “Add to Advanced Renamer” in Windows Explorer (32 bit Windows only)
  • New tags: Substr and RSubstr
  • Save listview to CSV
  • Option for auto closing batch progress window when no error occured
  • Menu item for removing non ID3 and non image files from the list
  • Dragging folders from explorer onto Advanced Renamer will display add choices
  • Toolbars can no longer float
  • Pattern window can now be resized
  • Fixed: F9 hotkey for start batch did not work
  • New built in column set called Attributes
  • Fixed: Customize columns dialog did not save column widths properly
  • Customize columns menu item moved to top of list
  • Check for upgrades at startup
  • List method no longer yields an error when name list is shorter than file list
  • Method list speed optimization
  • Optimized performace of adding files
  • Optimized undo window performance
  • Fixed: did not produce a sufficient error message when using too many files
  • Improved performance when testing new names
  • Customize columns dialog is now bigger
  • Fixed: Tag calcualted wrong by 2
  • Undojobs can be deleted from the Undo Batch Window
  • Uncheck erroneous files popup menu item in Undo Batch Window
  • Sub folders can be added to the folders list when dragging folders into Advanced Renamer or using the explorer context menu
  • Fixed: The tag failed for the months 1 trough 9
  • A parameter for specifying format can now also be used on , , and tags
  • Fixed: Extension and path columns did not sort properly
  • Start batch button made larger
  • Hotkey for moving items changed from Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down to Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down

Advanced Renamer 2.74 – 23. nov. 2010

  • Changed toolbar theme
  • Bug fix: Sorting with numbers failed with big numbers
  • Visual update of progress dialogs
  • New method list: Weboptimized filename
  • New predefined pattern templates

Advanced Renamer 2.73 – 9. oct. 2010

  • List Method: Populate text box with file names from the list
  • When recieving and error while adding items to the list a message will tell which items could not be added
  • Bugfix: Typing a < in List Method resulted in a crash

Advanced Renamer 2.72 – 28. aug. 2010

  • Bitrate tag
  • Support for Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
  • Support for Windows Media Audio (WMA)
  • Support for Advanced Audio Codec (AAC)
  • Tag button next to edit fields supporting tags
  • Extension column
  • Insert tag window: Help button was not working properly
  • Insert tag window: Not all the components of the window was translated
  • Bugfix: Delete method button on method pane did not result in file list refresh
  • Other minor fixes

Advanced Renamer 2.7 – 11. july 2010

  • Customizable name collision rule – either fail or append number
  • Not all settings were reverted to default when using the revert to defaults button in the settings window
  • Better support for thumbnail view
  • To improve performance FileInfoBox only show thumbnails instead of loading the complete image
  • Memory enhancement when working with thumbnails
  • Default thumbnail size changed to 120×120
  • Icon for toggle thumbnail display menu item
  • Toggle listview view style (Details, Large icons, Small icons, and List)

Advanced Renamer 2.67 – 08. june 2010

  • Fixed problem when using alot of methods. Not all methods were visible in the panel. Now all method panels have fixed height
  • Minor graphical tweaks of method panels
  • Updated spanish translation
  • Now uses correct icon for About box in the main menu

Advanced Renamer 2.66 – 14. may 2010

  • Customize columns button above list of files/folders

Advanced Renamer 2.65 – 31. mar. 2010

  • Added support for regular expressions in replace method using pcrelib
  • Natural sort when sorting text columns. Instead of sorting 1, 10, 4 it sorts 1, 4, 10
  • Russian translation
  • Finnish translation
  • Made the editboxes in the replace method enlarge to the width of the box when resized

Advanced Renamer 2.62 – 10. feb. 2010

  • Possible to turn off leading zeros in IncNr and IncNrDir
  • Fixed bug with IncNrDir. Same value was used for all entries in the list
  • Fixed bug with movement in the list

Advanced Renamer 2.61 – 31. jan. 2010

  • Fixed error when using several tags after each other

Advanced Renamer 2.6 – 24. jan. 2010

  • Compatible with Windows 7
  • Layout enhancements
  • Move method
  • Add Batch Method box below the batch methods for easy add of methods
  • Individual delete method button on each method panel
  • New icon (thanks goes to Luigi who contributed the icon)
  • Italian translation
  • Spanish translation
  • is now zero-padded
  • Stepping in . Format is now ex
  • Clean up and optimization of use of tags
  • Fixed tag. Calculated numbers for folders incorrectly
  • Hotkey for refresh and for start batch

Advanced Renamer 2.57 – 22. okt. 2008

  • EXIF Column Date Taken added
  • Extra optional parameter for the tag do indicate the stepping. will produce the numbers 3, 5, 7, 9
  • New way to force zero-padding in . will produce the numbes 0004, 0005, 0006
  • When image files are shown in the file info box and the picture is clicked, the image is opened
  • Added information dialog box when the batch has ended
  • Option for hiding the “Need help getting started” button on startup
  • Both and will now work
  • Fixed: It was not possible to use the tag more than once in the Add method

Advanced Renamer 2.56 – 5. august 2008

  • When importing lists a message telling how many files which could not be added is shown if any fails to be added.
  • Fixed: Unpredictable behaviour when importing lists with relative file names.
  • Fixed: Column sorting did not work properly.

Advanced Renamer 2.55 – 22. july 2008

  • Swedish translation
  • New column in file mode for date picture taken
  • Fixed: Problem with EXIF dates

Advanced Renamer 2.54 – 29. june 2008

  • Polish translation
  • French translation
  • New tag:
  • Fixed: Unpredictable results when using multiple times in the same name
  • Fixed: Setting timestamps on folders did not work
  • Fixed: When settings absolute time, it did not use the local time zone

Advanced Renamer 2.53 – 28. may 2008

  • Fixed bug ‘List index out of bounds (0)’ when stating batch renaming while files were selected in the list

Advanced Renamer 2.52 – 8. may 2008

  • New languages: Dutch and German
  • Add multiple folders at once
  • Settings folder kan be changed to the program folder. This makes the program portable
  • Added help icons in various windows and in method panes
  • Added a get Help getting started button in the list when there are no files in the list
  • Import / Export of methods presets
  • Support for ID3v2.4
  • Fixed error when deleting method in load method window and no method were selected
  • Size of the left pane was not remembered when the program was restarted
  • Enlarged several buttons and other controls to better fit other languages
  • Fixed messagebox when clearing all methods
  • Advanced Renamer could not save the settings for the Timestamp method correctly
  • Fixed DateTimePictureTaken defaulting to bogus dates when no date were found
  • Fixed time zone problem with EXIF DateTimePictureTaken
  • Fixed bug when replacing text with wildcards – only the first wildcard match was replaced
  • Various minor bugs fixed
  • Multiload of methods presets
  • Methodsettings is no longer saved localized.

Advanced Renamer 2.51 – 6. feb 2008

  • New tag: for random number

Advanced Renamer 2.5 – 3. feb 2008

  • Changed name to Advanced Renamer
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Multi language support (english, danish and turkish)
  • Online help system
  • User interface tuch up
  • Wildcard (*) support in replace method
  • Easier access to actionlists.
  • Column Name is now called Filename and Foldername and the content includes both name and extension
  • Will not change the file extension without asking
  • Possible to undo the last 150 batches even after Advanced Renamer has been restarted
  • BUG FIXED: Moving of items in the list were buggy
  • Column AutoWidth
  • Improved method list with better desciptions of what the methods do
  • Option to use EXIF to find width and height of images
  • New tags: , and date-time based on EXIF information

ARen 2.01 – 28. july 2006

  • BUG FIXED: Some times context menu item did not open all files when ARen wasn’t open

ARen 2.0 Final – 16. august 2005

  • BUG FIXED: Context menu items did not work properly
  • Thumbnail view for renaming pictures
  • Open folder from FileInfoBox
  • Replace more phrases at once in replace method by seperating with \
  • Timestamp method has been added
  • Quickload columnsets in column popup
  • New columns: Accessed, New Created, New Modified, New Accessed
  • Check for new version
  • Menu item for removing all files with errors
  • Turn grid on/off in settings
  • more XPish look
  • New color for method header
  • Layout enhancements
  • Accessed date in FileInfoBox
  • Some columns has changed name
  • New methods will now be inserted after selected method instead of before
  • IncNr speed increase
  • Default column sort order: Directory is now last an newname is 3rd
  • Confirmation on Clear method list

ARen 2.0 beta 2 – 27. august 2004

  • Bug: Zeropadding error with
  • New explorer context menu item. It also works with folders now

ARen 2.0 beta 1 – 6. august 2004

  • BUG: That anoying combobox bug in the progress dialog
  • BUG: If text ends with a space it does not get saved in the INI files
  • BUG: No delete button in Paterns Dialog
  • Brand new renaming engine
  • Advanced renaming system with support for multiple renaming methods at the same time
  • ErrorCode 103 will no longer occour (if it do, please let me know)
  • Move files in the list by a Move to Top and Move to Bottom method
  • List -> LoadList now appends to the list instead of replacing it
  • Removed CTRL+UP/DOWN keys. They are for multiselecting. Now uses CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DOWN instead
  • You can no no longer use TAGs in New Case method
  • Only updates the renaming progressbar once per method
  • Removed support for older versions (all prior to 2.0)
  • Does no longer insert hidden or system files when inserting a directory
  • Saves data in \AppData
  • Uses a new manual system
  • CTRL+A in the list selects all items

ARen 1.1 – 27. june 2003

  • Tags: Use <> instead of [] in tags
  • Tags: renamed to to avoid misunderstandings
  • Tags: Tag
  • Tags: Tag
  • Tags: Tag
  • Tags: Date/Time Created Tags
  • Tags: Date/Time Modified Tags
  • Tags: Tag – Incrementing letters
  • Tags: Tag – Incrementing numbers per dir
  • Tags: Possible to use tags in other methods than New Name
  • Tags: InsertTag Window added
  • Columns: Date removed and replaced with FileModifiedDate and FileCreatedDate
  • Columns: Filename renamed to Name
  • Columns: ColumnWidth in Column Settings Dialog
  • FileInfoBox: Created Date and Modified Data instead of Date
  • FileInfobox: Now uses cached information gathered at last refresh or when the items where added to gain more speed
  • New Name Method: The buttons has been replaced by hyperlinks
  • Layout/Design update
  • NewAttrib is now empty when not using the Attributes Method and NewName is now empty when using Attributes Method
  • Undo function rewritten
  • If you click Cancel while adding files, the files that have already been added will now be removed
  • Settings: Button for changing to default settings
  • Renaming of folders
  • It is now possible to add “Add Files to ARen” to the Explorer context popup menu (the default is off)
  • Bug Fix: It was only possible to change case in the New Case Method
  • Bug Fix: An Access Violation occured when clicking OK in the Customize Columns Dialog when there were no files in the list
  • Bug Fix: DateTime columns did only sort by date and not time
  • Bug Fix: The Mask box in the Add Directory Dialog for files did not work properly
  • Bug Fix: Settings dialog saved new changes even though Cancel was pressed

ARen 1.06b – 16. marts 2003

  • Bug fix – ID3 TAG was not showing in the FileInfo Box

ARen 1.06 – 15. marts 2003

  • Speed Improvements
  • List improvements. File information is now loaded when they are added instead of at renaming
  • New Add Directory Dialog with mask selection
  • Remembers the directory in the Add File and Add Directory Dialogs
  • Uses INI files instead of registry to save data
  • New ID3v1 Engine
  • ID3v2 Support
  • More columns in the list (Image Dimensions, ID3 Tag, Attributes)
  • It is now possible to manage what columns that should be shown in the list.
  • New method for changing attributes on files
  • [DirName] TAG added to New Name Method
  • New HotKeys: CTRL+Up and CTRL+Down will move selected files either up or down
  • Leading zeros in [ID3 Track]
  • Added Invert command to New Case Method
  • More advanced use of Replace Method : Replace more words at once
  • Settings Dialog
  • FileInfo added
  • New error code 112 for when ID3 Tag is not found
  • Confirmation box when there are files in the list and ARen is closed
  • Add files again after renaming
  • Toolbar can float and change docks
  • Progress Dialog when adding files will always show
  • Internal user guide
  • More details in user guide
  • HotKeys list in help menu
  • Different page in user guide based on the active control
  • DblClick in Paterns Dialog act like the OK Button
  • Delete in right click menu in Paterns Dialog
  • Some better looking windows
  • New PreRenaming dialog with more information
  • Possible to change what charector, unsupported charectors in ID3 tags, should be replaced with
  • Other minor visual adjustments and bug fixes

ARen 1.05b – 20 nov 2002

  • Bug fix – CaseMethod -> LowerCase and UpperCase first letter in every word didn’t work

ARen 1.05 – 22 okt 2002

  • Bug fix
  • Changed the interface. Made it easier to use
  • Hotkey for refresh (F5)
  • Image Width/Height in New Name Method
  • Replace Method
  • UpperCase/LowerCase first letter in every word with Case Method
  • Add Method
  • Patern List in NewName Method
  • More info in the help file
  • Uninstall in start menu group
  • Possible to undo a renaming action

ARen 1.04 – 16/06-2002

  • Add directory including subdirectories
  • “Case Methos” improvements
  • New About Box
  • Items with errorcode above 100 is now painted red
  • Posible to stop when adding ALOT of files
  • Add files with start parameters
  • “Save List”, “Load List”, “Clear List” and “Refresh” buttons in popupmenu
  • Icons in popupmenu
  • Bug fix and other improvements

ARen 1.03b – 02/05-2002

  • The problem with disappering icons on Win9x should be gone now

ARen 1.03 – 14/04-2002

  • Bug fix
  • Properties dialog
  • Open file
  • NewStyle hint removed again (it sux)
  • Pagename added to the extended titlebar
  • [IncNr] now includes a start parameter
  • [ID3 Track] and [ID3 Year] added
  • Tags for ID3 has been renamed
  • ID3v1.1 tag renaming now works ( wiii )
  • Tag validation
  • Remove Method without extension
  • Backwards Remove Method
  • Remembers more settings

ARen 1.02 – 07/01-2002

  • Bug fix
  • “List” method updated
  • Help file updated

ARen 1.01 – Dec. 6, 2001

  • Bug fix
  • Sort by date
  • Higher perfomance
  • Grid
  • New hint layout

ARen 1.0 Final – Nov. 3,2001

  • The left bar has changed due to incompatible components. Cannot be moved anymore either
  • You can now sort and move items
  • Icons now looks better
  • Date added in the list

ARen 1.0 Beta 4 – Aug. 1, 2001

  • Now shows the new filename and if the file can be renamed before renaming
  • Changed some stuff in the statusbar
  • Now you cannot add a file more than once
  • Files added and removed faster
  • Renaming made faster
  • Renaming progress box changed
  • Files removed from list when renamed
  • Some code clearning and a some minor bugs fixed

ARen 1.0 Beta 3 – July 29, 2001

  • Fixed some window size errors
  • “Remove chars” method
  • “List” method
  • Added shortcuts. to remove files and to insert files. (DUH!)

ARen 1.0 Beta 2 – June 23, 2001

  • MP3 ID3v1Tag Rename with Title, Artist, Album and Genre
  • LowerCase first letter

ARen 1.0 Beta 1 – June 15, 2001

  • The program is finished (first release)

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