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Advanced Renamer 3.87

Advanced Renamer screenshot

Advanced Renamer supports batch renaming multiple files and folders easily and quickly by applying various methods by this functional and user-friendly application.

Feature Highlights

  • Undo functionality
  • Real-time preview of file rename
  • MP3/ID3 renaming
  • Image renaming with EXIF support
  • Thumbnail view
  • Supports both files and folders
  • Several renaming methods
  • Use multiple methods at once
  • Tag rename

Full Specifications

Product Information
Date releasedOctober 13, 2020
DeveloperKim Jensen / Hulubulu Software
Download Information
Filesize12.8 MB
License modelFree, Commercial (trial) – $30.00
Main categorySystem
SubcategoryFile Management
System Requirements
Operating systemsWindows XP (32-bit) Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
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Advanced Renamer changelog / release notes / version history

What’s new in Advanced Renamer 3.87 – 13. oct. 2020

+ New name collision rule: New name
* Let slow scripts run for longer before timeout error
+ Script methods: Added console.log() as alias for app.log()
+ Script added app.logItem(item) method to list all item properties in JS console
+ Filter options in JS Console. Show only log ouput from specific item
* Fixed: Name collision rule Ignore did not show new filename correctly
* Fixed: Tag <Video Date Year> did not work in script method
* Fixed windows explorer context menu
* Fixed: Scripting returned booleans, dates, and numbers as strings
* Fixed: app.log(value) when value is an object will no longer fail

Advanced Renamer Download

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