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Active PKiller 1.4.1 (process killer)

Easily terminate active application with this utility using a hotkey.

active pkiller screenshot

Active PKiller is a free process viewer and killer with a unique, minimalistic, and user-friendly interface. Plus, Active PKiller can be considered as a good alternative to the Windows Task Manager for fast termination of a running program or process.

Using the program, you can click on any application that you want to kill, then press ‘Ctrl+Alt+F4‘ to kill that process. Additionally, right-clicking an app shows a pop-up menu containing several actions that you can perform for the selected app. Each action has an assigned shortcut key which is a good thing but if you want to customize these hotkeys, it isn’t possible at the moment. Also, it lacks a kill button below the list of apps which can be very handy if you don’t prefer the main hotkey.

In spite of these shortcomings, Active PKiller still performs very well for its main purpose. Also, consider the fact that the program is relatively new, thus, it has room for improvement that we could look forward to.

Feature Highlights

  • Minimalistic interface. Very simple interface that shows the last active process or app
  • Process termination by ID or name. View all running processes that allow you to terminate by process name or ID. It also includes the ability to restart the selected process or application.
  • Terminate an active app quickly. Terminate an active app or process by using a single hotkey combination (Ctrl + Alt + F4) which greatly reduces the time to terminate a frozen application (compare that to Windows task manager that requires several clicks before able to terminate an app or process).
  • Use of hotkeys. Aside from the main hotkey, most actions within the program are assigned with a corresponding shortcut key.
  • System tray option. Ability to put the program in the system tray.

Full Specifications

Product Information
Version 1.4.1
Date released August 4, 2019
Developer Egoroff Soft
Download Information
File size 6.67 MB (installer); 5.66 MB (portable)
License model Free
Multilingual Yes — English and Russian only
Main category System
Subcategory Process & Services Tool
System Requirements
Operating Systems Windows 10/8/7/Vista
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Active PKiller changelog / release notes / version history

What’s new in Active PKiller 1.4.1

  • Fixed a bug due to which there was a shortcut on the taskbar during startup. Fixed bugs arising due to different levels of user rights.

What’s new in Active PKiller 1.4

  • Fixed an error that sometimes the program hangs when it closed out of the tray. All processes with the same name have been corrected.
  • Added the ability to deploy a list of processes to the full screen.
  • Added completion of the process by name/ID. Improved performance.
  • The response time of the hotkeys has been reduced.
  • The font size in the process list has been increased.
  • The settings have been fully migrated to the INI file.
  • The program’s resources have been updated (you may need to reset the settings).
  • The English-language translation has been fixed.
  • The program’s logo has been updated.

Active PKiller Download

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